CareGo corporate mailing address and company headquarters:

5344 John Lucas Drive, Burlington ON, L7L 6A6

Phone: +1.905.592.4900

Fax: +1.905.592.4800


Corporate contacts:

Demetrius Tsafaridis, President & CEO  +1.905.308.3461 E-mail Demetrius

Walter Krancevic, Chief Commercial Officer, +1.905.308.3465 E-mail Walter

Anna Skowron, Controller, +1.905.592.4900 ext. 414 E-mail Anna

Chris Errington, Director of Sales , +1.289.925.7042 E-mail Chris

Pascal Lachance, Vice President, Supply Chain Innovation, +1.905.308.3473 E-mail Pascal

Martin Boni, Director of Technology & Solutions, +1.905.308.3466 E-mail Martin

Mary Donmoyer, Director of Project Management, +1.905.308.3470 E-mail Mary

Robert Edwards, Director of Engineering, +1.905.308.3462 E-mail Robert

Glenn Nicholson, Director of Automation, +1.905.308.3475 E-mail Glenn

David Jenkins, Advisor, +1.647.926.8941