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Experience combined with innovation makes CareGo a leader in the material handling of heavy products.

Our patent-pending technology changes how work-in-progress and finished inventory are stored, stacked, staged and moved. We originally developed this optimization and automation technology to make our own steel distribution facilities run more efficiently. 

Our suite of proprietary products is now commercialized under the name TELIA, but we are more than sellers of industrial software.

We know steel and we understand your business.

Dramatic productivity improvements

TELIA dramatically increases productivity by automating processes for work-in-progress or finished inventory – coil, long product or plate. You can do more with fewer people.

Installation costs are typically paid back in 18-24 months through operational savings.

TELIA is available as a complete suite, individual components, or a customized combination.
It can be purchased or leased, with financing available for up to 90 per cent of the purchase price through Export Development Canada (EDC).

Components of TELIA include



Inventory management and scheduling system (IMSS)

Web portal for real-time inventory viewing, placing orders and shipping product

RF scanners

Automated check-in for drivers