How TELIA works

You can do more with less space. TELIA can increase facility capacity by up to 50 per cent by storing more product (coil, long product or plate) in the same or even less space. The software ensures space is optimally configured at all times, with products automatically sent to defined zones. Pipe can be safely stacked 12-feet (3.6 metres) and coils placed in three-high stacks.

Everything speeds up. The automated crane moves literally twice as fast as a manual crane, providing rapid turn-around on railcars and trucks. Your throughput is boosted by up to 50 per cent.

Reduce labour costs. Retrieval, put-away and re-positioning of product are all performed robotically, allowing employees to be re-deployed to other tasks. A single employee can now operate and oversee multiple cranes and transfer cars simultaneously and still have time to perform other duties.

Your product is safe. The likelihood of product damage is decreased by 99.9 per cent. The crane operates with greater precision and sensitivity than a manual crane, and products are never bumped together.

Your people are safe. Workplace safety is dramatically increased because employees never need to enter the crane operation area; in fact, they work behind a secure safety fence.