How much does it cost?

Costs for TELIA technology vary depending on the environment (physical attributes of the building, the age of the cranes, and the existing IT infrastructure) where it will be installed.  A buyer may purchase the entire TELIA suite of products, just one part, or a custom combination. CareGo can usually provide an estimated cost after the first discussion with a potential client. The actual project quote is developed formally and guaranteed based on the specifications of the project.

What are the stages of the project?

We begin with a meeting or discussion about your facility and its needs. From there we do a Preliminary Analysis Report to identify, at a high level, if and how your operation could benefit from TELIA. If the process continues, the next step is a Technical Service Report, which is a detailed engineering study outlining costs and outcomes. Following the TSR, a contract is developed.

What are my payment options?
TELIA can be purchased or leased.  Financing is available up to 90 per cent of the purchase price over five years at market interest rates, subject to covenant review, through Export Development Corporation (EDC).

How do I know I will get all the benefits you promise?

We work with you to develop key performance indicators, including what the savings will be, which are then incorporated into the contract.  For instance, if we say you’re going to move 18 coils per hour, it is committed to in the contract and CareGo is accountable for its achievement.

Do I have to buy all the TELIA components?

No, you can buy just one part, some of the parts, or the whole TELIA suite.

Will it interface with my existing ERP?

Yes. TELIA was designed from the beginning to communicate easily with all major ERPs including SAP, J.D. Edwards, Oracle and others.

Can my existing cranes be automated?

Retrofitting is possible.  Most newer cranes are more easily automated, while older equipment is more costly to adapt. CareGo will advise depending on your particular situation.

What is the payback time?

The installation costs will typically be paid back in 18-24 months through operational savings.

Can it be used for products other than coil or pipe?

Our technology can be used for paper or aluminum rolls and plate products.

How long does it take to install the full system?

From the time the project is ready to go, the timing typically ranges from four to six months.

Can I still operate my business during installation?


How reliable are automated cranes?

They are extremely reliable. Automated cranes require less maintenance and have significantly less downtime than manually-operated cranes.

What type of training do you provide?

CareGo’s training is a key part of the process. We provide both pre-acceptance intensive classroom learning and post-acceptance training and support on-site at your operation. The training is akin to an apprenticeship whereby your employees are working with our TELIA experts to learn every nuance of the system.

What kind of support is available after installation?

Our on-site mentor will ensure your team is comfortable with the tools and the technology, especially in the process of moving from a manual to an automated system. This allows your staff to fully put theory into practice, and deal with the unique requirements of your operating environment.  Every contract includes a Service and Maintenance Agreement which provides ongoing support, fixing any issues that arise, modifying components for your changing needs, providing software updates and more. CareGo also has the technology to maintain constant, real-time monitoring of the TELIA components at your site.

Can it operate outdoors?


What does the name TELIA mean?
Telia is the Greek word for perfection, in the context of being complete, lacking nothing. Our choice of name speaks to our pride and confidence in our technology, and its ability to simultaneously make your operation work better, but cost less.