CareGo Newsletter – Fall 2021

Blog: The Time is Now! The Adoption of New Technology is the Way of Tomorrow.

We believe benefit-based decision making can be far more positive than a risk-based decision process & provides powerful motivation during the adoption process. We work from start to finish with our clients to ensure they are confident in the decision to move forward. In our latest blog we address why the time is now and how to overcome the fear of adopting new technology and begin the path towards digital transformation. Read it here.


                          Blog: Benefits of a TELIA Automation Solution

One of our latest blogs focuses on the benefits of a TELIA Automation Solution; Recently our CCO Kurt Fowler spoke about how there is a heightened interest in automation which is driven by safety for our employees. As a safety critical system, TELIA manages equipment and areas in real-time to ensure operator and facility safety. Using controlled access, TELIA reduces operator interaction within safety critical areas. For more information on how the benefits from a TELIA automation solution can work for you and your company Contact us today. Check out the blog here.


               Benefit’s Video

Have you ever imagined increasing your capacity by up to 50%, without constructing a new facility?

TELIA can help you achieve this, and more.

Learn more about this and TELIA’s extensive Benefits. Click here to visit our Benefits video playlist that quickly shows the many ways your facility can improve with TELIA.


             Modern Metals: From Strength to Strength By: Kim Hindle


This month’s issue of Modern Metals Magazine features an article from CareGo Tek Inc.‘s very own Chief Product Officer, Kim Hindle. From Strength to Strength; The future of automation in the metals industry, delves into the many issues that came to light throughout 2020/2021, due to the rapid industrial and financial changes brought on by COVID-19. Kim explains how automation in the metals industry can help overcome these obstacles and have companies rise stronger then ever. Check out the article here.  






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