Blog: Why Partner with an Automation Provider


Why Partner with an Solution Provider?


One of the primary considerations when selecting an automation vendor is what role do you expect from the vendor and what are your overall digitization goals. There is a tendency to expect an automation vendor to implement and walk away. However, there are many considerations before taking that approach, for example:

  • What level of visibility do you have into the system on your products?
  • What skill set do you require on staff to perform maintenance and ensure the automation performs as expected?
  • How will your automation grow with your business? Do you have business analysts on staff who re-evaluate the automation, its setup and whether it meets your needs?
  • Do you have an internal champion of automation?

The right solution provider has the opportunity to leverage automation as only one component in your journey towards Industry 4.0. The following are some of the key benefits a solution provider can deliver.  You want an partner in your Industry 4.0 or digitization journey who:

  1. Understands your business and your business needs. You don’t want to automate your current status quo; you want to introduce automation to improve your current processes and deliver more ROI than simply labour reduction.
  2. Understands that businesses and therefore their underlying processes aren’t stagnant, in an ever-changing world where we are reimagining our customer experience, or our speed to market, we need to constantly update, re-evaluate and improve our automation processes.
  3. Utilizes a combination of automation and smart computing (AI, machine learning, algorithms) to make informed decisions to improve your operations as it evolves.
  4. Understands the equipment, the system and the automation inside out, that can keep your system up and running, diagnose and send back into operation.
  5. Is going to train your employees, work with your management to enable you to continually get the best from your automation system.
  6. Provides visibility, insights, and trends in your business to identify opportunities for growth, change and enhancements.
  7. Understands the customer experience and how automation can provide visibility to their order, its status etc.
  8. Continually works on product development to drive forward opportunities to improve the ROI of the automation system, improve your overall automation system in key aspects such as velocity, quality, safety, customer experience etc.
  9. Will re-engage your employees, providing attractive roles interacting with big data, analytics, high technology in an employee experience leveraging you into the company of the future


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