CareGo announces the addition of new members to its leadership team

CareGo, a leading technology company based in Burlington, Ontario, announced today that it is expanding its leadership team by hiring three new team members and elevating an existing team member.

  • Robert Edwards, Director of Research and Development
  • Kurt Fowler, Director of Business Development
  • Steve Noble, Chief Technology Officer
  • Michael Paskaruk, Director of Engineering

CareGo is growing and the addition of these new roles and team members will continue to propel us towards our goal of becoming a World Class Technology Company,” said Demetrius Tsafaridis, CareGo’s President and CEO.

Robert Edwards
Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards, a long-term CareGo employee, is excited to take on the role of Director of Research and Development.  He brings 15 years of TELIA and engineering experience to help the R and D team bring the next evolution of TELIA to the market.


Kurt Fowler
Kurt Fowler

With over 17 years in the steel industry and an MBA in Information Systems from the University of Pittsburgh, Kurt comes to CareGo as a steel veteran. Kurt will be responsible for business development for the TELIA suite across North America.


Steve Noble

Steve comes to the CareGo team with significant experience in the implementation and management of various capital intensive projects for the metals and automotive industries, including equipment, PLCs, and systems.  Steve is excited to lead our multi-disciplined technical team for the TELIA suite of products.



Michael Paskaruk
Michael Paskaruk

Mike has a constant need to challenge the “status quo”, question everything and always looks for a better way.  In doing this he has had ongoing success delivering high-impact business strategies and leading teams to establish new and effective designs and processes that drive critical projects to completion.  Mike will lead CareGo’s engineering team to bring the new generation of TELIA to our customers.


About CareGo

CareGo is a technology company specializing in the material handling of heavy products such as steel and aluminum. Our patented TELIA automation/optimization technology dramatically changes how these products are stored, stacked, staged, moved, documented and tracked. More product can be stored in less space, loads move in and out more quickly, staff productivity is boosted, product damage is virtually eliminated and a safe, secure workplace is created. Reduced operating costs provide a significant return on investment.

Our roots are in steel warehousing and our future is global supply chain innovation.


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