CareGo Awarded United States Patent for its Load Equalization Pallet

The United States Patent and Trademark office has awarded CareGo a patent for its revolutionary load equalization pallet.

The pallet was created by CareGo’s Director of Engineering, Mr. Bob Edwards, to meet the stringent regulations Tier 1 railways place on the movement of steel coils in intermodal containers.

Named Aurora, the pallet allows steel coils and other high density products to be transported in a safe and compliant manner.

Multiple steel coils, weighing as much as 19,000 lbs each, can be safely loaded in marine containers and then transported by intermodal trains to and from a myriad of locations in North America.

CareGo is a technology company that designs and produces facility optimization tools and automated coil and long product material handling systems for service centers, steel mills, pipe mills, ports and railroads.

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