CareGo Companies Re-brand

CareGo companies re-brand for market expansion

HAMILTON – Six related Canadian companies in supply chain management and logistics are re-branding under one name as they expand to new markets.

The new brand name, CareGo, includes services in distribution (SteelCare and CarePort), technology (CareLynx and Green Age Design), transportation (TransCare), marine (MarineCare) and rail. A new service area is CareGo Logistics U.K., as the company prepares to install its automated warehouse technology at a major port in the United Kingdom.

“We began in steel warehousing in 1999 and expanded rapidly into related services as we learned how to make the supply chain work more efficiently,” says CareGo president and CEO, Demetrius Tsafaridis.

“We’ve invested heavily in research and development, and have developed patent-pending software applications for crane automation and plant capacity optimization, as well as proprietary material handling devices. It’s these innovations that are attracting attention overseas. We needed a single, strong brand to unify our scope of services.”

The company’s tagline is “the innovators,” which Tsafaridis said reflects the company’s core philosophy. “CareGo challenges traditional thinking – that’s how we reduce costs and increase efficiency as products travel from manufacturing to delivery.”

CareGo is based in Hamilton, Ontario, and serves customers across Canada, the United States, Mexico and United Kingdom.

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