CareGo exports technology to United Kingdom

Canadian company exports technology to United Kingdom

HAMILTON – A leading Canadian supply chain and logistics company will help transform the warehouse capacity of one of Britain’s major ports with sophisticated warehouse optimization and crane automation software.

CareGo, headquartered in the steel manufacturing city of Hamilton, Ontario, is installing its warehouse optimization technology at the Port of Liverpool, winner of Containerization International’s port authority of the year award and ranked among Britain’s most important deep sea container ports and trade gateways.

Peel Ports, which operates the Port of Liverpool, is investing £3 million in a fully automated steel coil terminal using CareGo’s patent-pending technology, developed and field-tested at its own warehouse on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The warehouse optimization technology sorts, tracks and stages steel coils so efficiently that warehouse space requirements are reduced by 30 to 80 per cent.

“The Port of Liverpool was faced with doubling its warehouse space at the Gladstone dock before we learned of this leading edge Canadian technology,” says Gary Hodgson, managing director of Peel Ports. “The new terminal with the CareGo technology will revolutionize our steel storage, processing and distribution – no other port in the UK is offering a comparable service.”

CareGo owner and president Demetrius Tsafaridis says his company is very pleased to be working with Peel Ports on this important project, adding that it led him to open a new global division called CareGo Logistics UK.

“Our software enables high density coil storage that reduces costs and increases efficiency for warehouse operators,” Tsafaridis says. “It is operated with a single employee per shift, has a perfect record of damage-free storage and offers warehouse customers real time inventory reporting so they can track their order from ship to door.”

CareGo owns Canada’s largest rail trans-load facility, and designed and built Canada’s first LEED Gold industrial building. CareGo has also developed proprietary crane automation and facility optimization software targeted at the global steel, aluminum and paper coil markets.

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