CareGo’s flagship product is the TELIA™, optimization and automation system. TELIA uses a combination of algorithms and crane automation to help manufacturers dramatically improve the way they handle and stage their raw material and finished goods.




CareGo offers design and analysis services to companies seeking to improve the flow of products through their facilities.

While the scope and nature of these projects can vary widely, the methodology remains the same. CareGo specialists perform an in depth review of the facility and the operation. Once this has been done, business analysts, technologists and other subject matter experts analyze data and then design a solution that not only solves the client’s challenge but delivers superior performance and competitive advantage.


CareGo’s origins trace back to Steelcare, a steel warehousing company founded in 1999 in Hamilton, Ontario. Steelcare expanded rapidly by adding businesses in related services, including truck transport, general distribution, trans-loading, green engineering, rail car repair and information technology. The group soon became Canada’s largest 3PL serving the steel industry.

In 2012 the seven related companies re-branded under the name CareGo.



Early on, the group had developed optimization and automation software to make its own facilities run more cost effectively and efficiently.  The commercialization of this technology, now known as TELIA, took the company in a new direction.

In 2014, CareGo celebrated its 15th anniversary and published a company history entitled “From a Sketch on a Napkin: The Story of CareGo.”

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In 2015, CareGo decided to focus on the development and marketing of its technology. The distribution (3PL) part of the business was sold to Canadian Pacific Railway, the rail repair business was sold to Genessee & Wyoming, and the head office moved to Burlington, Ontario.