Demetrius Tsafaridis

President & CEO

Demetrius Tsafaridis is the president and chief executive officer of CareGo. Founded in 1999 as a 3rd party logistics provider specializing in serving the steel industry, CareGo has evolved considerably under his leadership.

Early on, Demetrius recognized the important role automation and optimization technology could play in making CareGo more efficient and effective. This vision culminated in the creation of the first fully automated steel warehouse in Canada. This “genesis” facility was run by software and crane automation systems that were to become the patented TELIA technology the company markets today.

In September 2015 Demetrius sold the logistics part of CareGo to Canadian Pacific Railway enabling the company to focus on developing sophisticated automated material handling systems for steel mills and service centers throughout Canada, the United States and Europe.

Steve Noble

Chief Technology Officer

Steve joined CareGo in May 2018 and is responsible for the direction of all technology development at CareGo including our flagship product TELIA.  His career includes extensive engineering management of high technology implementations across the metals and automotive industry. 

Marcelino Perez

Chief Projects Officer

Marcelino joined CareGo in April 2017 and is responsible for our portfolio of projects.  His career has focused project management with over 20 years of global work experience managing and executing medium and large scale, complex capital projects for new installations and process upgrades in the steel and aluminum industry. 


Kim Hindle

Chief Product Officer

Kim joined CareGo in January 2017 and is responsible for managing our TELIA product solution development and product marketing.  Her career includes 20 years of engineering design, simulation and solution work in the metals industry from an engineering consulting and systems perspective. 

Kurt Fowler

Chief Commercial Officer

Kurt Fowler rejoined CareGo in 2020 as our Chief Commercial Officer.  In this role, Kurt will be responsible for our global commercial initiatives including strategy, sales and customer success as well as a key member of our executive leadership group.

Kurt has been in and around manufacturing for nearly 20 years, beginning his career in the steel industry during the downturn in the industry post September 11, 2001.   From there, he has been involved in many aspects of the industry including technology, pricing, financial risk management, operational improvement, strategy, sales and marketing.

Nathalie Brassard

Chief Financial Officer

Nathalie Brassard rejoined the CareGo family in January 2020, having previously worked with the Steelcare side of the business for over 8 years.  She brings over 20 years of financial experience to the team, commencing her career at KPMG in the Enterprise division, followed by a few strategic moves, Nathalie has accumulated a diverse, yet applicable, set of industries financial and accounting practices to draw upon including steel, trucking, logistics and warehousing, as well as experience accumulated at a SaaS-based software service outfit.

Rose Oushalkas

Chief Legal Officer

Rose Oushalkas rejoined the CareGo family in fall 2019, having previously worked with the Steelcare side of the business for several years.  Rose has over 30 years’ experience in a variety of commercial legal applications, including all global legal and regulatory issues, commercial transactions, IP issues regarding software, patent and trademarks, inter-modal rail, ship and trucking, logistics and automated warehousing, and Human Resources.

Martin Boni

Martin Boni

Director, Technology & Solutions

Developer of CareGo’s proprietary technology, Martin creates customized optimization and automation systems for CareGo’s own facilities and for clients.

Robert Edwards

Robert Edwards

Director, Research and Development

Bob heads up CareGo’s R and D group, leveraging his extensive engineering experience to develop and lead the next emergent technologies. He is a civil engineer by training and a LEED Accredited Professional, accredited by the Canada Green Building Council. Bob’s name is on the patented Artemis pallet.

Mary Donmoyer

Mary Donmoyer

Director of Products

Mary is responsible for all aspects of CareGo’s ISO certification, including policies and procedures, tracking, auditing and documentation. Her background is in scheduling and systems.

Tony Guo

Engineering Manager

Tony focus is on the engineering and design of overhead lifting, below the hook and on the floor heavy duty material handling equipment in CareGo’s automation projects.

He is a Ph.D and P.Eng in mechanical engineering and the co-inventor of three patents of Carego.