December 2019 TELIA Newsletter

TELIA Product Newsletter

Another year is drawing to an end, it has been an exciting year here at CareGo, with many new implementations of our core Product offering, TELIA-Coil, as well as many projects commencing on our TELIA Long Products system, with implementations scheduled in 2020.  We are looking forward to a great 2020, but as we come to the end of another year we would like to wish our customers, colleagues, family and friends a safe and prosperous New Year and a wonderful Holiday Season.

We have created a Holiday Message for all our customers, colleagues, family and friends, click here or on the image to the below to view.

20 Years – A Celebration

It has been 20 years since our President and CEO ventured out on his own and created Steelcare in 1999.  His entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen has been a guiding light for 20 years as SteelCare grew and transitioned into multiple warehouses servicing clients all over the Greater Toronto Area, as well as branching into various side ventures such as rail car maintenance, trucking, and logistics, to better serve and coordinate activities for the metals clients.  Being first in creating and adopting new technologies has been something key to the growth of our various businesses over the years including Canada’s first Gold LEED certified industrial building, developing our own inventory management system, introducing geo-fencing, and finally, but most importantly for the future, the introduction of a fully automated steel warehouse at Plant 19.  If you wish to read more about the first 15 years, please click here.

To celebrate our 20 years we have released The Next 5 Years 2014 – 2019 – From a Sketch on a Napkin which focuses on the growth period of the TELIA product, and continues to follow Demetrius and the team as they expand, develop new product verticals, create a unique office space with a focus on R & D, as well as the installation of TELIA at steel mills.  Periods of exponential growth such as this can change a company so CareGo works hard at maintaining our core values of Family, Safety, Passion, and InnovationClick here to read our last 5 years.

More about CareGo and our Head Office
As mentioned in our 20 Year celebration we have spent some considerable time creating a unique work space to promote a significant Research and Development culture and Testing environment for future releases of the TELIA product, as well as new products which expand the use of TELIA across both vertical and horizontal space.  We are proud of these initiatives and they are going to make a significant difference to what we bring to the market in the coming years.

We have put together a video of our CareGo environment and our processes, click here to view, or select the video to the below.

Ever wonder what makes up a TELIA Solution, check out

Wondering if TELIA is right for you and your facility?  Do you have a unique product / problem that you would like us to work on for you?  Contact us today.

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