December 2021 Newsletter

Exciting Year for Expansion and New Achievements

2021 Has been an exciting year for new projects for the CareGo Tek Team. TELIA successfully had the first Automated Coil Lift by a Magnet Lifter in North America. To stay up to date on all of CareGo Tek’s Latest innovations and projects be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter!

Benefits of a TELIA Automation Solution

At CareGo Tek Inc. we believe benefit based decision making can be a far more positive experience that other more traditional capital decision-making processes. We work from start to finish with our clients to ensure they are confident in the decision to move forward. Our TELIA Benefits playlist on YouTube delves into many of our core benefits explaining how they could benefit you and your company! Check it out here – TELIA Benefit’s Playlist

Blog: Why Partner with an Automation Specialist?

CareGo’s Latest blog talks about the reasons why a company should partner with an Automation Specialist. Finding a partner who understands your business & your businesses needs is a necessity, also ensuring the benefits provided with help deliver ROI. To learn more on why partnering with an Automation Specialist would be beneficial to your company check out our blog here – Blog: Why Partner with an Automation Specialist

Happy Holidays

This time of year is a great time to get together with friends and family, and that includes our CareGo family.
Our staff look forward to getting together at this time of year to share Secret Santa presents, a wonderful pot luck meal together.
We also like to take a moment to help out those who aren’t as fortunate as us with this season we have partnered again with the Eva Rothwell Centre collecting non perishable food items, as well as warm clothing donations for those in need this holiday season.
We encourage you all to have a Happy Holiday season, where you can connect with those who have been isolated over the last few years, but above all be safe and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.



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