Expansion to United Kingdom aided by British government

CareGo’s expansion to the United Kingdom is being promoted as a success story and good example to other Canadian businesses looking at establishing a UK presence.

United Kingdom Trade and Investment (UKTI), an arm of the British government, provided CareGo with advice and introductions, including Peel Ports, which runs the Port of Liverpool.  “At the time, Peel Ports was considering building a new steel terminal,” the UKTI “case study” on CareGo explains. “CareGo was able to demonstrate that by upgrading an existing steel terminal in the port with its automation and optimization technology,it was possible to avoid building new warehouses while maintaining and even increasing capacity.”

CareGo president and CEO Demetrius Tsafaridis says the support from UKTI was  “invaluable in terms of helping us understand the process of establishing a UK company as well as other trade issues,” adding, “the UK is now a hotter market for us than Canada.”

Tsafaridis said when UKTI asked CareGo for permission to use its story as a successful case study, he was happy to help. “I would encourage any Canadian business to take advantage of the knowledge and advice that’s available from UKTI.”

UKTI will promote CareGo’s case study at trade shows, in media and on its web site.

A summary of the case study can be found at

The full case study is here.

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