Hamilton Spectator: American firm sees CareGo facility as a good fit

American Leeco Steel, is joining the long list of customers at CareGo‘s steel transload facility on Longwood Road.

Ellen Shafer, a spokesperson for Leeco Steel, said the company wanted to distribute from a Canadian facility in order to meet commitments to its Ontario customers.

“We are the No. 1 supplier to the wind industry in North America. We supply to a range of companies because so many use plate steel: construction, wind, bridges, tanks, rail, fuel tanks. It made really good sense to locate here.”

The company plans to start shipping plate steel within the month.

Demetrius Tsafaridis, president and CEO of CareGo, said he was proud a company such as Leeco recognized the unique opportunity that the largest steel transload facility in Canada presents.

“We are pleased CareGo has been able to support a new customer entering the Canadian space, ” he said. “We’re happy to attract a company like Leeco to Hamilton and provide them with our services.”

Shafer said the facility with its climate control, twin-track indoor rail siding and cranes and fork lifts, coupled with Hamilton’s access to rail and its port, made it an easy fit.

Leeco is owned by parent company O’Neal Industrial Metals Group.

Leeco, which started in Illinois in 1882 as a scrap metal company, has seven locations in North America and one in Chile. It is opening a new 73,000-square-foot facility to replace an old one in Texas early next week.

It specializes in accessing a variety of plate steel from mills and supplying them quickly.

Lisa Grace Marr
Business Reporter
The Hamilton Spectator
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