The Challenge

A service center or toll processor typically provides downstream value-added processing for industrial clients.  Each service center will have a unique combination of materials they carry based on their processing lines and the local market they service.

This combination makes their storage and servicing needs unique, and as they often hold inventory for their clients at a relatively lost cost, maintaining high storage density is paramount to the successful margins at these locations.  However operator access, use of equipment such as forklifts, and under utilizing the available height in the facility results in poor storage density.

In addition high velocity through the various processing lines, as well as fast truck turnaround, are essential to running an operationally efficient service center but can be confounded by large inventory fields and poor inventory tracking.

The Solution

TELIA is an optimized and automated system which automatically moves, tracks and stores all your materials.  TELIA can be implemented to organize your inbound materials ahead of your processing lines, and for your finished goods ahead of shipment.

Taking advantage of downtime, and automated material handling resources, TELIA can pre-stage ahead of your processing lines an entire shifts material.  Using the same functionality TELIA can also stage your daily shipments immediately next to your shipping area(s) to facilitate rapid truck turnaround.  No more searching for materials.

Removing operators from densely packed storage areas, introducing both automated and TELIA’s patented space optimization, as well as taking advantage of the facility height, allows you to significantly condense the storage footprint.  This reduction in space and labor associated with the non-value end of your business results in increased margins.  And with no one operating in dense storage areas this translates to improved safety!


Since its inception TELIA has been installed in many metals service centers and toll processors across North America, across multiple metals and heavy material based commodities.  TELIA can stack in pyramid stacks (i.e. coil), straight stacks (long and flat products), as well as customized solutions for unstackable metals shapes.  TELIA optimizes your service center space, ensures the right product is ready to feed your various lines at the right time, ensures product is removed timely from the line enabling high up-time, removes personnel from densely packed unsafe storage environments, and reduces the overall cost of the operation.

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