The Challenge

Transload facilities and Ports are typically located in some of the world’s largest transportation hubs where bulk, containerized and heavy materials handling needs all converge on limited real estate.  As such, in these environments minimization of the footprint required to unload a vessel or train is paramount to reducing the overall cost of the operation.  Most metals cannot be containerized and are difficult to handle safely.  In addition, significant competition exists for trucking and other logistical services within these areas.  The ability to add advanced technologies to pre-book, pre-surface and dig out materials in advance of the truck arrival to facilitate faster truck turnaround can be imperative to obtaining service and achieving the high velocity required in this environment.


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The Solution

The first evolution of our flagship product TELIA operated as a transload and metals terminal between the Hamilton Port operations in Ontario and one of the largest steel producers of the area.  TELIA’s goal was not only to minimize the footprint of the Steelcare building through precision automation but also to reduce the cost and time associated with offloading a vessel.  The facility achieved 4.3 million tons per year throughput with one single operator on each shift.  The operator would unload trucks coming from dock side and place the steel coils into one of four waiting transfer cars.  Once loaded, the transfer cars would automatically move into the TELIA controlled environment which was a 2 bay, 2 crane, fully automated, 3-high steel coil storage facility.

Steelcare is now owned and operated by Canadian Pacific Rail and still utilizes TELIA today.

Since its inception TELIA has been installed in several transload and port facilities across North America and Europe, across multiple metals and heavy material based commodities.  TELIA can stack in pyramid stacks (i.e. coil), straight stacks (long and flat products), as well as customized solutions for unstackable metals shapes.  TELIA optimizes your port or transload space, offers higher turnaround through the facility, removes personnel from densely packed unsafe storage environments, and reduces the overall cost of the operation.

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Check out a youtube video from one of our clients on the application of TELIA at a port.

What about taking the intra-logistics solution back to the vessel?

Adverse weather and tidal conditions, especially in winter, and the manual unloading of vessels mean that a ship’s time in port can often be much longer than many ship operators would like.

Tyche is CareGo’s answer to this problem. Tyche combines a covered berth with automated cranes to eliminate weather related delays and speed up loading and unloading.