The Challenge

Steel Mills operate high-tech lines, such as Galvanizing lines, Painting / Coating lines, Pickle Lines, Cold and Hot mills.  Each of these assets represents a significant capital expense for the mill and for return on investment it is necessary to ensure that each of these lines maintains a high up time.  While the lines themselves incorporate a significant amount of automation to ensure high quality of the product, the material handling systems and the product storage, such as coil fields, which feed them are traditionally a manual environment.

Issues include:

  • Losing / searching for materials result in lost up-time
  • Operator breaks, shift changes etc result in lost up-time
  • Inefficient storage results in multiple non-value added handling moves


The Solution

TELIA is an optimized and automated system which automatically moves, tracks and stores all your materials.  TELIA can be implemented in your raw-materials, work-in-progress and finished goods areas to ensure:

  • Efficient and optimized feed to your lines
  • Condensed materials within your storage areas
  • Location tracking on all materials and material handling resources
  • Increased up-time on your lines
  • Increased conformance to shipping schedule
  • Staging of materials ahead of schedule to ensure quick turnaround

Since its inception TELIA has been installed in several steel mills across North America, across multiple metals and heavy material based commodities.  TELIA can stack in pyramid stacks (i.e. coil), straight stacks (long and flat products), as well as customized solutions for unstackable metals shapes.  TELIA optimizes your steel mill space, ensures the right product is ready to feed your various lines at the right time, ensures product is removing timely from the line enabling high up-time, removes personnel from densely packed unsafe storage environments, and reduces the overall cost of the operation.

See our product pages for more on the various solutions.

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