Logistics innovator receives first patent approval

HAMILTON – A load-equalizing pallet invented by CareGo that allows massive steel and aluminum coils to be safely transported in shipping containers has been approved for patent registration in the United States.

“This is very exciting; it’s our first patent, although by no means our last,” says company president and CEO Demetrius Tsafaridis. “We have always invested heavily in research and development and have a number of patent-pending products relating to storage optimization technology for warehouse facilities, automation products, as well as other transport pallets.”

Containers are not used extensively for shipping large steel and aluminum coils by rail but the CareGo pallet changes that, Tsafaridis said. CareGo engineers Bob Edwards and Tony Guo designed the “Artemis,” a wooden pallet that spreads the impact of the coils’ weight over the floor of the shipping container, so that coils remain stationary during transport.

“Bob and Tony came up with a relatively simple way to solve a longstanding challenge, using a basic wooden pallet,” Tsafaridis said. “That’s the kind of innovation that we like to do at CareGo – find innovative and cost-effective solutions to logistical issues.” The Artemis pallet is available for licensed use.

CareGo was founded in 1999 as a steel warehousing company known as SteelCare and rapidly expanded into related services, including truck transport, general distribution and transloading. Today, the company is increasingly known for developing optimization technology and automation systems that result in capacity, throughput and safety benefits. CareGo operates the largest steel transload facility in Canada at its headquarters on Longwood Road South, in west Hamilton. It also has an Innovation Centre in Burlington.

Contact: Cynthia Janzen, Vice President, Communications, or 905-308-3489.

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