New automated kiosk speeds up truck deliveries

CareGo has developed an automated check-in kiosk for truckers arriving at its main steel storage facility in Hamilton, Ontario.

The kiosk resembles an automated teller machine. A truck driver picking up or delivering a shipment at the Longwood Road facility simply keys in a reservation number at the kiosk, instead of walking to the customer service office to have the order processed manually.

“Successful supply chain management is all about making the process work faster and better to reduce costs for clients,” says Walter Krancevic, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CareGo. “With automated check-in, we can process two more trucks per hour, which is a 25 per cent increase.”

Krancevic said truck carriers like the new system because drivers spend less time waiting. Kiosk data is also linked to customer web portals so a company knows exactly when its product is delivered or picked up.

CareGo developed the kiosk to improve efficiency at its own facility but will also sell the system to others. “In fact, even before we finished our own, we promised one to a major steel client,” Krancevic said.

The company’s Longwood Road facility stores steel coils, pipe, bar and plate for clients across North America and is Canada’s largest steel transload facility, with a CP rail line running right through the warehouse.

CareGo was founded in 1999 as a steel warehousing company known as SteelCare. It rapidly expanded into related services, including truck transport, general distribution and transloading. In 2012, the six related companies re-brandedand became known as CareGo, with a focus on sophisticated optimization technology that minimizes the space needed for coil storage in facilities and warehouses.

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