New web site reflects evolving company and brand

CareGo has done a major renovation on its web site ( to better profile its two major divisions and make it easier for customers to find information about each.

Launched yesterday, the renewed site features a split home page where visitors choose either Technology or Distribution, and from there enter “sub sites.”

“In the last two years we’ve done significant work to clarify and define our brand,” says Demetrius Tsafaridis, president & CEO. “Our company has two distinct streams, being the original steel transloading and distribution centre based in Hamilton, and the newer technology division, which develops optimization and automation software for the steel industry.”

Tsafaridis said the site includes a new infographic on the benefits of its TELIA optimization/automation technology, updated videos and a quick link to customer portals that allow remote inventory monitoring and order placing from a smartphone or tablet.

The clean, uncluttered design and stripped-down content recognizes that web visitors have limited time to search for and digest the information they’re seeking. “We’ve made a conscious effort to keep it simple and customer-friendly,” Tsafaridis says.

Contact: Cynthia Janzen, Vice President, Communications, or 905-308-3489

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