“Perfection” inspires name for CareGo technology

HAMILTON – CareGo’s patent-pending optimization technology now has a name:


“It’s the Greek word for “perfection” in the sense of being complete, lacking nothing,” says president & CEO Demetrius Tsafaridis. “We’re proud of our technology and I think the name speaks to our confidence in its reliability, its precision and its ability to pull operating costs out of the storage and distribution of steel and other heavy products.”

TELIA’s sophisticated software minimizes the space needed for work-in-progress and finished inventory by telling the crane where the optimal place is for each coil, pipe or plate. The automated crane “remembers” where each item is stored and can retrieve it instantly, moving at twice the speed of a manually-operated crane.

Trucks and railcars can be loaded and unloaded rapidly. An inventory management and scheduling system tracks and reports all inventory moves and provides instant management information. There are a number of supporting components that optimize virtually every process associated with a metals facility.

“In our business, speed and accuracy is everything, and TELIA provides that in spades,” Tsafaridis says.

He noted that TELIA also creates a very safe workplace, because employees are kept out of the work field altogether. “Employees don’t have to go into the coil field hunting for a particular piece of product,” Tsafaridis explains. “They stay safely behind an electronic gate and the crane retrieves the product for them.”

TELIA was initially developed by CareGo staff to make the company’s own steel distribution centres more efficient. Its components can now be purchased or leased as a complete suite, individually, or in a customized combination.

In April 2014 CareGo was short-listed as Technology Provider of the Year in an international competition by American Metal Markets: , with winners to be announced June 17, 2014.

Contact:Cynthia Janzen, Vice President, Communications, cjanzen@carego.comor 905-308-3489

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