Key Benefits

The goal of the CareGo Shipping Kiosk is to streamline the process of moving trucks into and out of a facility.  It includes the introduction of a web-based app which has a tablet stand with integrated printing capabilities to auto check in and direct the driver to the load / unload location at site.  The benefit of this is to reduce the number of touch points, interactions and promotes social distancing at the facility.

The Shipping Kiosk will interact with the necessary ERP or truck scheduling systems to gain access to the appropriate information to minimize the paperwork and touch points between the truck driver and site personnel.

The application will provide site wide visibility to the truck arrival time and departure time, the transactions and will provide a complete historian.

This application can work with TELIA Handheld or TELIA Automation and Optimization solutions to prepare the site for the arrival truck OR can be a standalone application for warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities etc.


CareGo’s Shipping Kiosk allows you to safely check in your truck drivers without the need for personnel interaction.  

Key Features

Automated check-in allows drivers rapid access to site.

Touch screen entry of key information facilitates a quick transaction with no touch points with other personnel.

Automated logging of arrival and departure from site.

Automated paperwork ensures that the right paperwork stays with the right truck.

All these features together result in decreased truck dwell time at your facility.

Site reporting logs who is on site at any time, complete traceability for safety reasons.

What’s Next

If you think CareGo’s Shipping Kiosk is right for you and your facility, contact us today to get a quotation for the Shipping Kiosk.

While the Shipping Kiosk is a standalone product, this can also be used in conjunction with our other suite of products to ensure smooth flow through your site.  In combination with TELIA handheld and TELIA automation, the Shipping Kiosk can automatically notify TELIA that an arrival is inbound and ensure that the materials are ready, staged and available to load, resulting in quick efficient turnaround for the driver.

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