Key Benefits

Many of the key benefits from the TELIA Handheld solution are the same as the TELIA Automation and Optimization solution.  Utilizing TELIA’s space optimization algorithms, a handheld device will instruct operators where to place materials for optimized and safe stacking.

Tracking features will direct the operator to the coil, direct them to the destination, confirm the location of all inventory and the TELIA dashboard will provide up-to-date information and visibility to all your materials in the TELIA managed area.  No more searching for materials.

By always dispatching the next priority task, automatically updating locations, operators can turn around more moves in a day, in turn increasing truck turnaround and line schedule throughput.

Key Features

TELIA – Space Optimization
TELIA’s patented space optimization will reorganize your storage space, while accommodating operator access, to ensure safe, optimal storage of your facility.

TELIA – Operator Instructions
TELIA uses job dispatching algorithms and priorities to ensure that each operator or material handling resource is given the next priority task to improve throughput through your storage space.

TELIA – Coil Tracking
TELIA devices will automatically record the position of each piece of material as it is placed at its destination to provide full material or coil tracking through your facility.  It will also notify the operator of an error in material placement.

TELIA – Dashboard
On any handheld or desktop device full shop floor visibility provides tracking on materials, operators, material handling resources and all jobs.

TELIA – Onboard Cameras (Optional)
Onboard cameras on your key material handling resources assist with any issues which arise.

TELIA – HMI (Optional)
Human Machine Interface provides real-time information on all shop floor devices for automated data capture and tracking.

What’s Next

If you think TELIA Handheld is right for you, contact us today to get a quotation for TELIA handheld at your facility.

While TELIA handheld is a standalone product, this is also the first step in the path to a fully autonomous environment.

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