A TELIA equipped facility can hold up to 50% more product, move that product up to 50% faster and requires less human capital than a comparably sized manual facility.

TELIA never sleeps, never takes a break and always works on the next best task. With features such as “Housekeeping” and “Staging”, TELIA optimizes the flow of product through your facility. TELIA makes sure you get the most out of your crane.

TELIA guards the safety of people who may be working in proximity to the system through the use of Category 4 controls and interlocks. CareGo has also been awarded a CE Letter of Conformity by the European Union for its automation safety controls and has a patent pending on the process.

Since its first deployment, TELIA has operated over 6,000 consecutive accident free days worldwide.

Safety is TELIA’s #1 priority.  TELIA’s Safety & Controls System is a category 4 safety control system responsible for monitoring and managing resources, sensors, gates, and areas.  It executes the commands sent from the Facility Management System and performs essential safety verifications.


TELIA’s Dashboard is a high-level data analytics tool that allows users to interact with TELIA’s Facility Management System.  It provides customizable reporting tools and allows users to manage their TELIA facility.

TELIA autonomously monitors, controls, and manages various material handling resources such as cranes, transfer carts, conveyors and AGVs.

TELIA interfaces with client’s existing systems to seamlessly integrate into facilities.  This streamlines processes and allows for TELIA to make smarter, data-driven decisions.  

TELIA Facility Management System

TELIA’s Facility Management System dynamically makes decisions based on live facility data and operational priorities.  It is responsible for managing inventory tracking, fulfilling operational requests, and sending commands to the Safety & Controls System.


TELIA’s HMI allows users to review and interact with the Safety & Controls System.  It provides insightful maintenance information and critical safety features.



A patented optimization solution for stacking coils up to 3-high in a pyramid style format.

TELIA Pipe & Tube

TELIA Long Products

An optimization solution for stackable products, no height limit in a vertical format.

TELIA Flat Products

TELIA Flat Products

An optimization solution for non-stackable heavy products, no height limit in a vertical format.

As a safety critical system, TELIA manages equipment and areas in real-time to ensure operator and facility safety.

Using controlled access, TELIA reduces operator interaction within safety critical areas.

Using patented space optimization algorithms, TELIA condenses and optimizes the storage of heavy materials. TELIA can increase storage capacity by 30-50% while providing 100% inventory tracking accuracy.

Through a robust control system, TELIA safely and autonomously manages industrial resources. TELIA never sleeps and never takes breaks, allowing it to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs by 50%.

TELIA Benefits


Through operational analysis and dynamic simulation, TELIA is customized and configured for every facility. This allows TELIA to integrate with existing systems and dynamically optimize workloads based on the operational priorities of each facility to move product up to 50% faster.

As an autonomous system, TELIA reduces product damage by 99.9%. TELIA uses exact product size and weight information to move products faster and more precisely than human operators.

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