Coil Warehouse Optimization

TELIA is configured and customized for your facility. It coordinates and controls automated cranes and transfer cars to manage your coil storage. Using TELIA’s pinpoint accuracy, coil row spacing can be reduced to as little as 4”, resulting in dramatic space gains. TELIA also integrates with your existing systems, allowing it to seamlessly balance workloads and optimize tasks.

Automated Resources

TELIA autonomously controls, monitors, and manages various material handling resources such as Cranes, Transfer Carts, Conveyors, and AGVs, as well as other automation ready systems such as accumulation tables, alignment stations etc.  TELIA can orchestrate multiple resources to work together to complete a task, as well as orchestrate multiple resources across multiple warehouses or bays. TELIA’s resources are configured to operate smarter within the context of the unique business rules of our client’s facilities.

Safety and Controls System

Safety is TELIA’s #1 priority. TELIA’s Safety & Control System is a Category 4 safety control system responsible for monitoring and managing resources, sensors, gates, and areas. It executes the commands sent from the TELIA Facility Management System and performs essential safety verifications.  Safety for TELIA starts at the design, safety is worked into the overall layout solution for our clients, it is then an integral part of the installation and commissioning effort, and currently is the primary core value for us here at CareGo.

TELIA Facility Management System

TELIA’s Facility Management System dynamically makes decisions based on live facility data and operational priorities. It is responsible for managing inventory tracking, fulfilling operational requests, and sending commands to the Safety & Control System. As the brains of the TELIA system, it remains connected to control system PLCs, inventory systems, and business systems at our client sites. It ensures the system is always working on the most important task – making facilities smarter, leaner, and faster.

HMI – Human Machine interface

TELIA’s HMI allows users to review and interact with the Safety & Control System. It provides insightful maintenance information and critical safety features.  The HMI provides the necessary interface between humans and the densely packed inventory areas which operators no longer access. Features include mm by mm movement details on all moving resources, interfaces with each automated resource, systems overviews, as well as detailed alarms and utilities which ensure that our client gets the best operation from their automated assets.

TELIA Dashboard

TELIA’s Dashboard is a high-level data analytics tool that allows users to interact with TELIA’s Facility Management System. It provides customizable reporting tools and allows users manage their TELIA facility.  The dashboard provides information on all the various resources under TELIA’s control, including but not limited to resources, products / inventory, assets, interface points such as staging areas and accumulation tables. The dashboard also provide full warehouse management system reports both to current and historical performance of the system.

Client System Interfaces

TELIA interfaces with your existing systems to seamlessly integrate into your facilities. This streamlines processes and allows TELIA to make smarter, data-driven, decisions.   TELIA works with any ERP, MES system.

What’s Next?

We recognize that each of our client’s needs and facilities are unique to them, and as such the TELIA system is highly configurable to address your unique space, storage and throughput needs.

Should you be interested in seeing how TELIA would work for you, in your space, and what benefits and ROI can be realized please contact us.