One of the more tangible results of CareGo’s dedication to research and development is the 13 patents it has received in the last 12 years.

CareGo products are patented in Canada, the United States and we have patents pending in the European Community and South Asia. CareGo has been granted a patent every year since 2012.

At CareGo the final approval of one Patent is the beginning of the next, as ideas never stop reinventing themselves.

CareGo is recognized as an industry leader in product development and having those ideas Patented and implemented means that we are a highly sought-after Technology Company in the Steel sectors of manufacturing.


Commercialization – Entrepreneurship

Our Founder has created and ran over 28 start-ups across the logistics and material handling sectors of manufacturing. Should an idea be pitched at our Gate Process and is ready for commercialization, our team will provide support on:

  • Industry / Market Evaluations
  • How to take the product to market?
  • How to run a company
  • How to be an entrepreneur
  • Evaluate financing options
  • Business relationships