CareGo strongly encourages new ideas from all levels of our internal team.  With your creative mind you now have a chance to research and market your own ideas or inventions.  Yes, CareGo is the place for entrepreneurs as it provides an opportunity with a Licence to be Creative.

Summer 2018 we launched our Gate Process called Minds in Motion where our entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to the whole CareGo team.  All ideas are welcome, whether they are complementary to our core offering, or completely out of left field.  If you can gain buy-in from the CareGo team, the entrepreneurs with the assistance of the required technical groups here at CareGo will then work together to determine the feasibility of the offering, the commercialization prospective for the offering, and determine a plan to research, develop, test, and take to market.

To date we have over 76 pitches which have survived Gate 1, i.e. the ‘gate keepers’, over 26 ideas which are currently being research and engineered, and several which have been implemented as part of our TELIA core offering and a handful which are completely new which are through to a test program.