The majority of TELIA installations over the years have been in an existing facility. The installation of TELIA at a Brownfield site has the ability to drive a number of key benefits such as:

  • Increased storage density
  • Improved safety
  • Improved inventory tracking
  • Increased feed to your lines
  • Decreased truck turn around times
  • Decreased costs (labor, maintenance, damage)

Brownfield design should start with a need or a goal for the facility.  This will drive the design and most importantly the desire for change.


The introduction of a fully automated, optimized intralogistics solution at your facility can seem like a significant task however there are a number of options available that can lower the capital expenditure required and deliver faster return on investment:

  • Retrofit of existing crane
  • Upgrade to crane drives (and any other material handling systems)
  • Retrofit of existing lifters / grabs

CareGo has a team of engineers and electrical controls personnel who will help you understand what upgrades are required at your facility to help you get to the next generation of material handling and storage.

An fully automated intralogistics solution for your facility has the advantage of removing personnel from unsafe coil fields or dense storage areas of heavy materials.  Safety fences and interlock gates will separate personnel and automation, but how will that work for your facility?  CareGo will provide a layout of your facility considering the following:

  • Receiving process
  • Shipping process
  • Processing Line(s) Entry / Exit
  • Personnel / Maintenance Access
  • Other material handing movements
  • Storage Optimization
  • Flow Optimization

Our team of architectural technologists and storage / flow experts will draw up layouts to demonstrate how TELIA will work within your space, as well as demonstrate the potential opportunities to free up space for other ROI generating benefits.

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telia optimization 3d graphic

TELIA pipe and tube simulation