When considering automation and radically modifying operations, this is a great opportunity to re-evaluate the layout, flow, and processes currently implemented at a facility.  As a result CareGo is regularly invited by mills, service centers, ports and transloads to analyze the current state of their material flow and propose improvements with a view to helping achieve their desired future state.

Whether designing the metals yards / storage / warehouse of the future, or re-evaluating the flow or storage of an existing facility, consider not only what does the facility of the future look like but what does the project of the future look like?


The future is now, technologies exist today to radically change the way we operate.  Technologies exist to de-risk these projects, this is called a Digital Twin.

Digital Twins are off-line copies of either the current facility or the proposed new layout, automation, solution which allow testing of material handling equipment, storage strategies, and business rules to ensure that the resultant solution delivers the maximum return with the minimal investment.

Digital Twins also offer the potential to reduce the commissioning time of such a project.  The Digital Twin can be used for off-line testing of the automation PLCs prior to implementation on the shop floor.  This facilitates off-line testing, debugging of the PLCs and responses, resulting in less on-site testing during project commissioning.


What’s Next?

Considering reducing the touch points in your operations?

Looking to keep operating while reducing operators all working together within a facility?

But unsure of how that will work, or if you are ready?

Take the first step and develop a digital twin and solution of a future state, contact us today.