CareGo is regularly invited by mills and service centers to analyze the current state of their material flow and propose improvements with a view to helping achieve their desired future state.

The scope of such engagements can be as straightforward as the modeling of the staging and handling of coils in a single bay to ensure optimal flow into and out of a TELIA automation area. Or, it can be as complex as the complete re-design of the material flow and transport system from a mill’s slab casters, through the hot rolling process and on to further processing.

Most importantly we understand that our clients challenges are unique to them, their facility, their clients and their environment. Are you looking to:

  • Condense the area associated with storing coils, pipe and tube, steel sheets, slit coils etc;
  • Free up space to introduce another processing line, or eliminate the use of outside storage;
  • Increase truck / rail turnaround times in your facility;
  • Improve throughput / automate feed to your various lines
  • Re-engineer the entire facility flow?

Then we can help.

optimization 1
An example of a CareGo 3D Automation Storage Design for Steel Slabs

Optimization 3

Regardless of the size of the project the CareGo philosophy is always the same and can be summed up in one phrase:

“Question everything, assume nothing.”

The result is a comprehensive plan that our customers can implement to achieve the optimum order of material flow efficiency in their facilities.

Our engineering and solutions teams have significant experience in heavy materials automation in the steel industry and can help you with:

  • Dynamic simulation for flow and de-bottlenecking analysis;
  • Layout design for optimized storage, flow and safety;
  • Mechanical design for crane, grabs / lifters, storage solutions;
  • Building design, LEED certification, energy efficiency.