CareGo’s first version of its optimization and automation technology, TELIA, was created as part of an entire state-of-the-art of coil handing facility designed and built by CareGo for the Hamilton Port Authority.

Throughout its 11 years of service the 80,000 ft² facility consistently achieved a handling rate of 45 coils/hour and only required a staff of 1 person per 8 hour shift.

In addition to its state of the art material handling technology, the building incorporated advances in construction, floor design, heating, cooling and energy efficiency that still exceed the norms for building performance today.  As a result of these initiatives this became Canada’s first LEED certified industrial building, achieving Gold status.



TELIA and its automation and space optimization has the opportunity to transform the requirements for a new build.  Delivering more storage in less space can drive significant savings to a Greenfield build.  In addition, setting out your facility and layout with a fully autonomous intra-logistics solution in mind can drive workflow efficiencies and velocity through your facility while ensuring a safe environment for your operators.

If you are considering a new build or adding on to an existing structure, then the CareGo team can design a solution that will help you maximize the return on your investment.

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