The Project Management Team

Our team of experienced Project Managers have experience in either the steel industry or metals industry for the implementation of medium and large scale projects.  They understand the complexities of installation and commissioning in these environments as well as the importance of minimizing disruption to operations.  Our Project Managers have had the experience of working on the client side, the equipment supplier side and engineering consultancy.

We have the experience necessary to execute small to large scale projects in metals service centers, mills as well as ports and transload facilities, on schedule and on budget in a safe manner.

The Project Management Process

A typical TELIA project is broken into three distinct phases:

  • Project Design and Planning
  • Off Site Configuration and Testing
  • Install and Go Live

On completion of the Project the Customer will transition to the Customer Success Team.

Underpinning all these phases is our Project Management which will be responsible for:

  • Project Scheduling
  • Commissioning and Installation Scheduling and Management
  • Client Relationship Management (during Project)
  • Procurement
  • Sub-contractor / Vendor Management