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Welcome to the TELIA Product Newsletter

As we move through Fall 2019 and see the end of yet another Summer, this is an exciting time of year for us here at CareGo.  Many of our customers take advantage of Summer shutdowns to install and commission TELIA in their facilities.  This year has been no exception as we are presently transitioning and about to go live at two locations, one in Michigan and another in California.

Both installations are helping customers increase steel coil storage density and both installations are tied directly to high speed galvanizing lines.  These installations will also bring CareGo and TELIA to a major milestone:

R & D Update

18 months ago we released an invigorated R & D program at the CareGo offices.  The goal of this new and exciting program was to recognize that excellent ideas and concepts can come from all personnel within an organization.  We have a highly entrepreneurial and strong technical team who have the opportunity to see problems at our customer sites, recognize concepts from other industries which have relevance to ours etc.

Since introducing our pitch style event once a month, we now have the following in development:

  • 56 open projects progressing, some will be in subsequent releases of TELIA, some require hardware upgrades at site
  • 13 patents and / or patents pending

As a result, TELIA is poised to bring many significant new developments to our customers over the next 6-24 months as a result.  As we evolve TELIA into the world of data analytics, predictive analytics, AI, and the iOT, now is the time to get on-board and start generating those big data sets so you too can be ahead of the curve.

As we release new technologies and features, we will utilize this newsletter to keep you up to date.

What’s Next?

he CareGo team are working on several new solutions based on specific customer requests.  Each solution encompasses the core TELIA product, with one of our existing stacking and space optimization algorithms, but each has a new engineered lifter.  Specifically we are currently engineering:

  • Multi lift devices
  • Non steel product lifters
  • New steel plate lifters

There are many components which make up a TELIA solution, we will utilize this space to tell you about 1 key component.

Ever wonder what makes up a TELIA Solution, check out

Wondering if TELIA is right for you and your facility?  Do you have a unique product / problem that you would like us to work on for you?  Contact us today.

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